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Simple Stroller Rental- A Parent's Best Friend at Disney World

By June Santini

Yikes! I can't believe how much stuff I have to bring to go to Disney for a couple of days!

Let's face it: the amount of stuff one has to bring on a trip with kids is staggering, especially when the kids in question are under the age of three. I don't even need to enumerate for you, if you've ever gone on any kind of trip with small humans, you know.

That airplane is looking awfully full! I hope they don't damage my stroller!

In my new role as grandmother to my daughter's little ones (geez, how can I be that old? I must have been really young when I started having kids...) I have been traveling with her family quite a bit. We love the advantages, closeness, and fun of multi-generational travel. I love getting to see my grandkids having such a good time. I recently accompanied them to Orlando, where my daughter was attending a conference. So we packed up enough baby and toddler accessories to fill up all of alloted checked and carry on bags. One thing we didn't have to pack, though, was a double stroller.

Simple Stroller Rental to the Rescue!

Instead of gate-checking one more thing and risking damage to an expensive stroller, we arranged with Simple Stroller Rental to deliver a double stroller straight to our hotel.

The process couldn't have been simpler, or more convenient. Simple Stroller Rental has a wide variety of high-quality strollers to meet the needs of almost every family (single strollers, double strollers, triple strollers, and even Ergobaby carriers. In fact, Simple Stroller Rental is the only stroller rental company in Orlando that offers triple strollers. We chose the Go-City Mini Gt double stroller.

Ordering on their web site was, well, simple. After selecting the stroller we wanted, it was just a few clicks and we were all set.Their pricing is reasonable and their service is top-notch. If you are staying at a Disney or Universal studios resort, the driver will meet you there and personally deliver your stroller. If you are staying off-resort, they will drop it with the bell captain and it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Simple, right? I'm sensing a theme here....

Amazing Service!

Flights get delayed, baggage gets lost, things don't always go your way. We all know this. Our travel took a little longer than we expected and we were a little late getting to our hotel. This normally wouldn't be a big deal, we'd be getting setlled in and could be flexible about the delivery. But we had tickets to a special event and needed our stroller within a very tight time frame, which we had missed. The driver went above and beyond to find a way to get the stroller to us before we headed off to the park. His dedication to customer service was exactly what I'm looking for when I make recommendations to readers like you.

You won't be disappointed.

And how was the stroller?

The stroller was fabulous. We chose the Go City Mini GT. It was in top-notch condition. It included a parent console for storing all those little things to which you need quick access, a rain cover, fully reclinable seats with vented backs, and triple length sun shields. It was easy to maneuver and to fold up.


The driver returned to our hotel almost exactly at the time we requested. Door to door service was a huge convenience. We would definitely use Simple Strollers again.

June Santini is Vice President of Operations at She is the overly-infatuated grandmother to Jack and Lily.

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