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408 east Kent Ave, South Unit 110
Vancouver , BC , V5X 4N6
Phone: 604-968-6263
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Kevin Rowe
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What our organization offers: 
A STEM based Makerspace & Education Centre for kids 5-12. After school programs, Home School programs, tutoring in math and science, Summer and Winter Camps, Pro D day camps, Birthday parties, special events. Two locations. South Vancouver & South Surrey.

Minimakers was founded in 2020 in order to improve youth access to STEM early in their development.  We believe that the youth of today shape the world of tomorrow and by introducing our little makers to science, technology, engineering, art and math early in life, we establish a lifelong foundation to build upon.  Our makers build a greater appreciation for how the world works and how they can change it with their imaginations, knowhow and expertise.  Each day, they make something new and their confidence grows.

Our little makers are introduced to a wide range of modern creative design concepts, tools (child safe) and educational materials to support their development.  They will learn a range of science disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology, robotics, etc.) to build a solid foundation to draw upon for life.  Whether they simply love to learn or hold aspirations of careers involving sciences, what they learn is always beneficial.

Safety is our top priority for our makerspaces and products.  Our makers use specially engineered child safe tools that can cut wood and metal but not skin, making our environment ideal for youth learning.  We instil strongly how our tools are different than those they would see in the world, ensuring their safety even after they leave.  With safety in place, our makers ignite with ideas on how to use our tools to make unlimited new creations, truly unique and their own.  Our makers also keep everything they build!



Minimakers believes that we dream bigger with knowledge, skill and understanding of our waking worlds.  We provide a fun and engaging learning environment where games, knowledge, science and skill building are one in the same.  Imagine building a remote control race car from scratch, all the while understanding how the electromagnetic motor works, how the radio signals transfer your commands and how it is all powered by a small solar panel.  Believe it or not, our youngest makers can pick this up in no time and amazing us everyday!


Minimakers believes creativity is a combination of inspiration and process.  As you build more knowledge and understanding, you find yourself more creative as you begin to connect concepts in new ways.  We teach our makers how to think as designers and how to imagine something, break it into buildable pieces on paper and then making it happen.  Our makers create new things, new plans and new ideas – making our world a little better.


Minimakers is a makerspace and we LOVE to build.  We believe that paper and digital alone isnt enough for youth to appreciate the true meaning behind concepts and subjects.  For example, even basic math can be difficult for young minds since the exercise is on paper – forcing them to have to imagine the abstract problem before they can begin to apply mathematics to find a solution.  In Minimakers, we bring all concepts into the real world.  If we need to calculate an arc, we make a catapult and create arcs to calculate.  If we need to teach addition, we use real objects and building challenges where math is needed to make it happen.  It is amazing to see the skills of our makers grow over time.  They become “handy” and quick to take apart something that breaks and fabricate repairs.  Our makers don’t look at something as simple remote control as a “mysterious black box”, then learn about circuits, power supplies, emitters, buttons, switches, relays, etc.  When they see a remote control, they see its parts and understand how they all work.  This changes how they view the world around them, for life.


Our makers inspire themselves and others through their creativity, innovations, artistic expressions and outlook.  Makers are problem solvers who are eager to pickup a challenge and solve it.  This is a transferrable mindset for nearly all aspects of life and our makers benefit in so many ways outside of our studios.   

Open hours: 
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Tuesday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Wednesday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Thursday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Friday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Saturday: Closed
After school programs, Home School programs, tutoring in math and science