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Pivot Point is a social service agency for children and adults with autism and diverse abilities throughout BC. Simply put, we are passionate about creating positive change! Our mission is to help create the turning point in people’s lives that gives inspiration and focus to personal growth and success towards living their best life!


Group Activities

This page describes all of Pivot Point GROUP ACTIVITIES. You’ll find GROUP SERVICES, which are online or in-person gatherings of our clients or their family members, as well as GROUP EVENTS, which are one-time-only events hosted for clients, family members, community partners, etc.

We currently host three different STYLES of GROUP SERVICES:

1.  H.A.N.G. ~ Helping Adolescents / Adults Network and Grow

Our H.A.N.G. style groups are designed to be fun social environments where teen and adult peers with Diverse Abilities get together (in-person or online) to network with others who share common interests.  Each session of any “H.A.N.G.” styled group includes structured greeting activities, group activity planning, gentle in-the-moment coaching, and feedback on observed and emerging social skill dynamics. Our H.A.N.G. style groups are themed around ages and interests. 

2.  Developing… Skills ~ Interactive groups designed to teach a specific topic or skill 

Our “Developing… skills” style groups follow a set curriculum, and inspire participants to work together towards acquiring skills needed to pursue their personal growth and success. This group style includes a very wide range of topics and themes, with new topics being added regularly to reflect new interests, needs and inspirations.  “Developing… skills” style groups are well suited to children, youth, adults, caregivers and community members who are ready to jump in and learn some new skills! 

3.  Day Camps ~ 1 or 2 Week-long groups built for Summer, Winter and Spring Break learning and fun! 

Our “Day Camp” style groups typically run for a full week, Monday through Friday. Common session times include morning sessions only, afternoon sessions only, or full-day sessions.  Many of our “Day Camp” style groups are available either online or in-person, so please carefully note this in the groups listed on our Calendar page. While each “Day Camp” style group is themed, each group incorporates social skill development and friendship building while inspiring a Growth Mindset and increased self-awareness / self-responsibility in a safe, respectful, fun peer environment. 

Visit our Calendar of Events page to learn more about the events we’re currently hosting across the province!

Organization learning resources

Title Description Cost
Taming the Worry Dragons

Youth Mental Health is a growing concern. Mounting anxiety and stress may be compounding their daily struggles. Taming the Worry Dragons can successfully help today’s youth learn to recognize and manage their daily stressors with specific coping skills for a happier, healthier life.

Led by a Registered Clinical Counsellor Sarah Falk, BA, M. Ed. Sarah’s highly rated success with her participants comes from positive energy that makes it easy for her group to feel relaxed, connected, and ready to lock away their worries, as they come to realize, they've got this!

The goal of this mental health group is for participants to experience a decrease in anxiety. Our Lead Professionals will help to equip the participants with knowledge, tools and skills to decrease anxieties and stressors in every day life.

The age range for this group will be ages 9-14 years old (some exceptions can be made to this age range, considering the other clients who have enrolled).

The sessions will be structured in the following way:

  • Check in (worry dragon scale & weekly statement – prepared ahead of time)
  • Psychoeducation about the topic of the week
  • Independent time to work on worksheet or group practice
  • Discussion about topic, worksheets, or practice
  • Time to write hopeful statement
  • Closing – sharing hopeful statement and end of group worry dragon rating

This group will be run every Tuesday for 8 weeks, starting  October 27 and ending on December 15, 2021. Each session will be 90 minutes from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm. 

The cost of this group is $420.00. You have the option to pay privately or apply AFB funding to this group.

Exercise / Health / Yoga
Late Elementary School
Middle School